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I returned on Friday from a week in Cyprus with a friend. I recently separated from my friend, but we had already booked the holiday, so I invited Alley to come with me. She is a bit prudish, but it was really the only friend who could gain exemption from work at the last minute. on the second day we rented a jeep and headed along the coast. We found a great little beach tucked into a cove. It was a steep descent, a bank to get it, but once it was heaven. I was completely naked, but Alley was in 8teenxxx bikini panties. We swam and tanned all day with no one around. That night we went to the 8teenxxx alley drinking 8teenxxx and very drunk, so I wanted to sleep until late morning and spend the day reading by the pool. So I jumped in the jeep and returned to the small beach in the bay. was swimming in the sea when I saw an army jeep up next to my jeep rented in the cliff. Two guys on the team and retired army left me. I 'I'm not a prude and I'm dogging a lot with my ex boyfriend and I'm excited with the guys standing watching my boyfriend fuck me in the car. It also has to do with me other guys sucking cock, but he was one of them fucking. (He knows I get tired, but I have to go dogging site one night on my own when I was working the night shift and I've thrown my two brothers in the back of my car). This is the way I see Army guys on 8teenxxx the cliff and went into the water and go where I had a huge straight ontop my towel sarong. I lie on my back to the cliff so that I could look up and see the children. Indeed, she came to the edge, and looked at me. I felt so hot, and decided to show a little. I spread my legs open, lifted up and down, like I was an exercise. I had this in my dark sunglasses, I knew I could not see thay looked at me, and bent so that only their heads visible. I think that thinkingg, when I realized I was going to cover up to me. happens fairly quickly, because the next time I saw a visible head and then I heard the other to say hello. I looked 8teenxxx to my right and there was sand along the beach up to me. Rather startled and frightened him, or saw, I asked how long, and a fat smile on his face. 8teenxxx He came and sat by my side, we have a little chat and he said that he and his partner had my excerise and it was dead cool. 8teenxxx I felt so hot and he said he only knew that 8teenxxx what they 8teenxxx see and wonder why it took so long to come with me. His smile was and who stood up and began to peel, he asked was if I said fine and natural. I was completely naked, his hard cock poiting directly to your face. His friend was on top of a cliff looking at us. The man was lying on my sarong on the sand spread in position 69, which turned to him with his cockin my mouth, and began to eat my pussy. A then heard to ask your friend if you mind if I join and with whom he undressed. I had two young army guys naked on the beach with me. Went to eat pussy and then I lay on my back and knees next to my face turns to feed me their cocks. I did my best to 8teenxxx get them both in my mouth, but one young cock was so thick. I so wanted to catch, but had no condoms, and when I asked, they said they do not have it on. I knew that the nearest commercial unit for a good half hour away. We changed position, doggy position I on the beach with a guy in her pussy and eat the other guy kneels in front of me, so I suck his cock, cock and his friends, the apartment was under me. I was fuckin ' fingers and tongue as well and felt the wave of orgasm is approaching. I groaned out loud and sucks the guys cock underneath me. I resettled his cock from my mouth and called me going to cum and told him not to stop sucking his dick as soon as down on his penis, he shoots his cum in my mouth began. Once I 8teenxxx had sucked his friend kneels in front of me, shouting that he wanted to end and when I looked up the side of the sperm was in his face and tail jerk shooting his sperm. Loads of it fell on his cock and balls from friends and then I sucked the last of his cock I licked his cock and balls peers. The three of us went swimming and was playing in the water. At one point I had wrapped my legs around the other guy put his dick behind me. All the time I thought that if I had condoms with me, I would try, fuck them both at the same time. He had done with my ex boyfriend and a dildo, but never two cocks. Back to my sarong on the sand, and had knelt, this time the man who took me in a kneeling position with his friend between her legs so that I couldto reach the tail. The damn tongue and fingers was not as good as his friend had given me so much lasted much longer before going very close to coming. The man kneels and cum in my mouth and 8teenxxx took a long hard cock sucking and masturbating in front of their peers take charge. swam and then again after the sun could say I had to return to the field, or get into trouble dried. I agree with them to make the same time, same place next day. I knew it would be a problem because Alley was not a Contracting Party, which has passed and there do not really want to 8teenxxx bed with me. spent the morning on 8teenxxx the beach opposite the hotel and then after dinner he said he was a couch, and went to the pool. As soon as I left the hotel room and took some condoms and car keys and headed for the bay. The army jeep was there. When I looked over the cliff of the bay, the two children were swimmingat sea. I was naked, and then went over the cliff, I put my sarong on the sand, and when I turned around, the two were leaving the water taps in hand caresses. It was just one of them was the same man yesterday was about 25 years, but he was a man who looked like the 19. Now, after a short talk, they both worked for me, I eat pussy and suck cock. The man on the day before his army arrived and pulled his pants a strip of condoms. I was on his back, swung her legs so my knee, where they slide and felt his cock slowly and then accelerates deep at first 8teenxxx and was in my good and hard hitting. It was like push -ups with cock is driving into a deep and hard every time I came down, and all the while sucking the cock I was younger colleagues. Then he was asked to go to one of his friends have, and he rolled the condom and fucked me in the same position with his friend to see. They took turns again and again to fuck me. I wish I had a cock in a minute and then turn away and his friend fuck me. It was the best fuck I ever had. had two explosive orgasms, and still gets shit on me. Stopping and starting, not wanting 8teenxxx to stop so he could take me for more. You had me in spoons, doggy, sit in the queue and stood clinging to me than the other to maintain balance. was while I was in a boys dick, I decided to go for two was riding. So I'm sitting on his tail, but was turned around so my back was to him in his chest lifted with 8teenxxx my legs, his cock still inside me began, and the younger, as my pussy while his cock me mates picked up. I asked him to fuck me and I saw his eyes widen and broaden your smile. The Stadler on me and started pushing his penis against their peers and the cock in my pussy. There were times spits on his cock to be lubricated and I thought I never would, but then came over me. At first it was painful, but was very friendly and kept me under his buddy up to them both inside me and started to fuck me. had an orgasm in less than a minute and shortly thereafter. Like I was the second of the younger boy pulled his cock out of me, had broken condom and put it on my face, showering me with his sperm. Mate below me is fucking me really hard and then he cried almost over and grabbed me harder, until it slowed and stopped. left the cock and knelt on his chest, kissed him and see cum on the neck that his friend had been shot it licked. We are together for a swim in the sun long and always dry and then left. He asked me the next day, but I had to catch a plane. We exchanged phone numbers and the weekend that he had always sexy text messages and phone sex last night with the young. I have really wanted to go back there on my own May Cyrpus
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